Pro293 Serum-free Media for HEK293 Cells, Chemically Defined

  • Serum-free and chemically defined medium
  • Free of animal-origin components
  • Optimized to support high-density growth of 293 (HEK/HNK) cells
  • Optimized for the production of recombinant proteins
  • Available in two types

Serum-free, Chemically Defined Media for optimal growth of 293 cells

Pro293™ serum-free media were optimized to support high-density growth and recombinant protein production in (HEK/HNK) 293 neonatal kidney cells. They are chemically defined to ease regulatory compliance and downstream protein purification. They contain very low levels of recombinant human insulin, and are free of animal-origin components.

Serum-free media optimized for suspension and adherent cells

Pro293™s serum-free media are available in two types:

  • Pro293™s Medium is optimal for 293 cells growing in suspension
  • Pro293™a Medium is optimal for adherent 293 cells

Both media do not contain L-glutamine or phenol red. Pluronic® F-68 is added at 0.1%.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
LO BEBP02-025Q Pro293s Medium, for suspension cells, with Pluronic, FFM, 1L
LO BEBP12-764Q Pro293a Medium, for adherent cells, with Pluronic, FFM, 1L