UltraMEM Reduced Serum Medium

  • Chemically defined medium with reduced serum concentrations
  • Weaning of cells unnecessary
  • Low protein concentration of human insulin and transferrin (20 μg/ml)

UltraMEM™ Reduced Serum Media are chemically defined media designed to support growth and maintenance of several anchorage-dependent cell types under reduced serum concentrations.

Good cell growth performance in reduced serum media

When supplemented with 2 – 4% serum, UltraMEM™ Media growth performance is comparable and, in some instances, exceeds that of standard media supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum. Weaning is not necessary for most applications. Further reduction in serum concentration (<2%) can be achieved over several passages. In addition, confluent cultures can be maintained with minimal amounts of serum (≤1%) or no serum at all.

Low protein concentrations

Growth performance in UltraMEM™ Media can be further increased by the addition of insulin, transferrin, selenium, and ethanolamine (ITS or ITES) to the basal medium. UltraMEM™ Reduced Serum Media are offered as a protein-free basal medium without L-glutamine, or as a complete low protein medium supplemented with ITES. Recombinant human insulin and transferrin are the only protein components of the complete formulation and are present at a total concentration of 20 μg/ml.

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Cat no. Description
LO BE12-743F UltraMEM with ITES with L-Glutamine, 500 ml