ProPer Serum-free, Chemically Defined Medium for PER.C6® Cells

  • Serum-free and chemically defined
  • Yields very low amounts of protein
  • Intended for recombinant protein production
  • Intended for virus production
  • For growth support of suspension cells

ProPer serum-free, chemically defined medium for optimal cell growth

ProPer™ 1 is a serum-free and chemically defined medium of non-animal origin. It contains Hepes and NaHCO3 as buffering system and has Pluronic® acid (poloxamer) at 0.1% to protect cells from shear stress in bioreactor. It does not contain L-glutamine or phenol red. This medium is a protein-free formulation, with only low quantity of human recombinant insulin (4 mg/L).

ProPer™ 1 is intended for optimal growth of PER.C6® and related cell lines in suspension.

For high yields of protein or virus

PER.C6® Technology is a human embryonic retinoblast cell-based platform developed by Crucell for large-scale production of recombinant proteins (like antibodies and vaccines) under serum-free culture conditions. Cell lines have been immortalized with specific adenovector genes, leading to high viable cell densities and high PCDs (picogram/cell/day), resulting in high yields of protein or virus.

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LO BE02-028Q ProPer 1 Medium 1 L