UltraCHO Serum free Medium for CHO Cells

  • Serum-free medium optimized for CHO cells
  • Optimized for the expression of recombinant proteins
  • Contains less than 300 μg/ml protein

Serum-free medium for suspension and anchorage-dependent cells

UltraCHO™ Serum-free medium is optimized for growth of both suspension and anchorage-dependent Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. Also HeLa cells and human leukemia cell lines have succesfully been cultivated with UltraCHO™ Serum-free medium.

Serum-free medium for high yields of recombinant proteins

UltraCHO™ Serum-free medium is optimized for the expression of recombinant proteins. The medium is based on DMEM:F-12 and supplemented with recombinant human insulin, transferrin, and proprietary purified proteins (in a concentration less than 300 μg/ml protein).

UltraCHO™ Media are manufactured under FDA current GMPs and the formulation has been submitted to the FDA as a Master File.

Don't know how to get started with serum-free cell culture?

Do you want to get started with serum-free cell culture for your CHO cells, but you don't know how? Let us guide you through the steps of switching to serum-free media!

Ordering information

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