UltraCULTURE All Purpose Serum-free Medium

  • Serum-free medium for the cultivation of a wide variety of mammalian cells
  • Intended for adherent and non-adherent cells
  • Can be used for generation of virus particles
  • Protein concentration approx. 3 mg/ml

Serum-free Medium for growth of numerous mammalian cell types

UltraCULTURE™ Serum-free Medium is suitable for the serum-free cultivation of a wide variety of mammalian cell types, both adherent and non-adherent. Use UltraCULTURE™ Medium to grow monocyte, macrophage, fibroblastic or epitheial cell lines under serum-free conditions.

Support of hybridoma generation and virus production

In addition to serum-free cell culture, UltraCULTURE™ Serum-free Medium can be used to support cell fusion during hybridoma generation or to generate virus particles for vaccine production.

UltraCULTURE is based on DMEM:F12 medium and supplemented with recombinant human insulin, bovine transferrin and a purified mixture of bovine serum proteins (at a concentration of  approximately 3 mg/ml). The medium does not contain L-glutamine.

To cryopreserve cells in a serum-free environment, UltraCULTURE Medium can be further supplemented with Cryoprotective Medium.

Need help to get started with serum-free cell culture?

Do you want to get started with serum-free cell culture, but you don't know how? Let us guide you through the steps of switching to serum-free media!

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LO BE12-725F UltraCULTURE Serum-free Medium, without L-Glut,500ml