Cell Culture Tubes

  • Grow and harvest cells in the same culture vessel
  • 10 or 20 cm2 surface activated growth area
  • Crystal clear transparency for inverse microscopes
With the Tissue Culture Flat Tube 10 you can grow, examine and spin cells in the same vessel. It has a unique flat area that enables you to both grow the cells and easily view them under the microscope due to the excellent optical clarity of the tube walls. When your culture is ready, simply harvest cells by spinning the tube up to 1200 g.

The tissue culture tube 20 has a surface activated growth area of 20 cm2 extending 50 mm from the bottom. Its 10-sided «VENT» screw cap with click system avoids inadvertent rolling and ensures proper aeration. The tube fits a 15 ml standard centrifuge adapter and can be spun up to 1200 g.


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TP 91106 Tissue culture tube 20 cm² / vent screw cap (800)
TP 91243 Tissue culture flat tube 10 cm², conical / filterscrew cap (216)