ProFreeze NAO-CD Cell Freezing Medium

  • Freeze cells reliably without serum
  • Chemically defined, protein-free, non animal origin (NAO)
  • High cell viability after thawing
  • 2X concentrated: simply mix 1:1 with cells in culture medium
  • Suitable for all cell types
  • 2-4x lower cost per vial of frozen cells

Chemically defined cell freezing medium

ProFreeze is a serum-free, potein-free freezing medium that contains no animal derived components, insulin or hydrolysate. This chemically defined (CD) medium is suitable for cryopreserving all cell types in the absence of serum and maintains high cell viability upon recovery from frozen storage.

Serum-free cryopreservation protocol

  1. Harvest log phase cells (viability ≥ 90%) by centrifugation at 100 to 200 x g for 10 minutes.
  2. Resuspend the cell pellet in 4°C culture medium at 5 - 20x106 cells/ml. Keep chilled.
  3. Gradually add an equal volume of chilled complete ProFreeze CD Medium to the cell suspension. The resulting final DMSO concentration is 7.5%.
  4. Dispense into 1 ml cryovials and freeze according to your customary protocol.
  5. Move frozen cells into a vapor phase liquid nitrogen freezer for long-term storage. Storage temperatures of -60°C to -80°C are inadequate.  


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO BP12-769E ProFreeze NAO/CD Cell Freezing Medium, 2X, FFM, 100 ml