X-CLARITY™ Polymerization System

  • Standalone, automated system for hydrogel-tissue hybridization
  • High throughput (up to 768 samples/run)
  • Can fit various tissue sizes due to support of various vessel holders
  • Rapid and consistent polymerization

A crucial step for optimal tissue clearing is the hybridization of a tissue-hydrogel hybrid. This process requires multiple steps, including degassing the sample under vaccuum, replacing oxygen with inert gas and finally heating the sample in a waterbad: a long and time consuming process.

Automated hydrogel-tissue hybridization

The X-CLARITY™ Polymerization System reduces these steps into one. Multiple samples can be placed in multi-well plates or conical tubes for rapid and efficient high-throughput sample processing. Users can control polymerization by adjusting vacuum strength, temperature, and a timer through a simple touchscreen interface. A ready-to-use X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit simplifies the process even further.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LB C13103 X-CLARITY Hydrogel Solution
LB C13104 X-CLARITY Polymerization Initiator
LB C13108 X-CLARITY Hydrogel Solution Kit (50ml + 125mg)
LB C1310X X-CLARITY Hydrogel Solution Kit
LB C20001 X-CLARITY Polymerization System
LB C20002 X-CLARITY Heat Block for 6 x 50 mL tubes
LB C20003 X-CLARITY Heat Block for flat-bottom plates
LB C20004 Heat Block Lifter