X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II

  • All-in-one, easy-to-use solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing
  • Exceptional transparency reached, even for hard tissues like bone
  • Prepared tissues ready for efficient antibody labeling and imaging
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Compatible with multiple tissue types and sizes

Simple, rapid, and efficient electrophoretic tissue clearing

Spend your time more efficiently and decrease your time spent on preparing, sectioning, labeling, mounting, imaging and analyzing those hundreds of ultra-thin slices when you want to analyze tissues. The X-CLARITY II offers you the ultimate solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing: prepare your tissue in its whole for further histology and imaging analysis.

Tissue clearing with X-CLARITY II: how it works

With the X-CLARITY II you clear whole tissues from their lipid bilayers (through electrophoresis in the presence of ionic detergents) while keeping the biomolecules intact, which are covalently linked to a sturdy hydrogel network.

This tissue clearing method preserves the molecular information and structural integrity of a tissue sample and leaves you with a stable and transparant tissue-hydrogel hybrid. This hybrid can be efficiently penetrated by and labeled with antibodies or oligonucleotides for further phenotyping.

Experience the upgraded X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing II with enhanced features:

  • Innovative & simple touchscreen interface
  • New & improved module for precise temperature control
  • Active and passive clearing modes
  • Exportable data monitoring clearing conditions
  • Clearing chamber with plated electrodes for steady electric field
Mouse tissues cleared with the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing system

Due to the active and passive tissue clearing modes and the availability of holders of various sizes, a wide range of tissue types can be cleared with the X-CLARITY II. See more tissues that can be cleared with the X-Clarity here.

Tissue clearing workflow

The superfast and efficient workflow of X-CLARITY II tissue clearing involves four steps:

  1. Incubation of the tissue sample in a hydrogel monomer solution to allow uniform hydrogel diffusion throughout the whole sample
  2. Polymerization to form the stable hydrogel-tissue hybrid
  3. Clearing of the lipid bilayers in the tissue-hydrogel hybrid through electrophoresis in the presence of ionic detergents
  4. Labeling and imaging of your whole tissue
Mouse brain cleared with X-CLARITY™ and labeled with anti-tyrosine hydroxylase

What X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing users say

DataBrain: Using deep imaging techniques to develop a high-fidelity map of the brain

DataBrain: Using deep imaging techniques to develop a high-fidelity map of the brain

Innovations in Spinal Treatment using Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing

Innovations in Spinal Treatment using Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing
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Cat no. Description
LB C10001 X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System Starter Kit
LB C12001 Tissue Container (Whole Mouse Brain) - 20 units
LB C12002 Container Holder for 1 Tissue Container
LB C12004 Mouse Brain Slice Holder
LB C12007 Whole Rat Brain Holder
LB C13001 Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing Solution (12x1L)
LB C13100 X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (5x1ml)
LB C13101 X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (25ml)
LB C13102 X-CLARITY Mounting Solution (Value Pack) (10x25ml)
LB C30001 X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System II Starter Kit