Strep-Tactin PE/APC

  • Strep-Tactin with bound fluorochrome
  • For T-cell staining and isolation using FACS

T-cell staining and FACS sorting with the Streptamer technology

The Streptamer technology is a novel method to isolate and characterize functional antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cells.

With the Strep-Tactin® PE or APC, you can quickly stain and sort antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cells without phenotypic and functional change of your T-cells. This T-cell isolation technology is based on a reversible staining.

Fluorescent staining of T-cells with Streptamers: how it works

Strep-Tactin PE and Strep-Tactin APC are suitable for the staining of antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cells when combined with MHC I-Strep reagents.

  • Prior to staining of your T-cells, a pre-incubation step is required to associate the MHC I-Strep reagents with the Strep-Tactin® PE or -APC.
  • The resulting Streptamer® multimers are then used for antigen-specific staining of your targeted T-cells.
  • After staining and FACS sorting, the Strep-Tactin® PE or -APC can be completely removed from the cells by addition of biotin.
  • Ultimately, the Strep-tagged MHC I-Strep reagents are then spontaneously dissociated from the sorted T-cells, due to its weak binding.

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