Streptamer Magnetic Beads

  • For rapid and economic (CD8+) T-cell isolation
  • Reversible, antigen-specific staining
  • Mild and rapid dissociation using biotin
  • For magnetic isolation

T-cell isolation with the Streptamer technology

The Streptamer technology is a novel method to isolate and characterize functional antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cells. With the Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Beads, you can quickly isolate antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cells without phenotypic and functional change of your T-cells. This T-cell isolation technology is based on a reversible staining.

The Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Beads are polysaccharide coated magnetic microspheres that are covalently linked to Strep-Tactin. The beads are designed to be used for T-cell isolation with Milteny columns/machines at 4 °C under sterile conditions.

Magnetic isolation of T-cells: the principle

For the isolation of antigen-specific CD8+ T-cells, Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Beads have to be combined with MHC I Strep Reagents (antigen-loaded MHC I containing the Strep-tag® affinity tag).

  • After binding of the MHC I strep reagent of choice, the magnetic bead binds to the tagged T-cells of interest.
  • Using a magnetic column, the labeled T-cells are separated from other cells and eluted from the column by a washing step.
  • By addition of D-biotin to the isolated cell suspension, the Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Beads can be mildly dissociated from the MHC I-Strep reagent.
  • The binding of the MHC I strep reagent to the T-cells is very weak and spontaneously dissociates hereafter, leaving you with a functional and label-free antigen-specific (CD8+) T-cell of interest.

Cat. nr IB 6-5500-005 is sufficient to isolate T-cells out of a total of 1x108 cells.

The Solution Set includes Buffer IS for washing and Biotin for dissociation.

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