Automatic Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - Lumascope 720

  • High resolution 3-color fluorescence microscope
  • Walk-away full automation
  • Live cell imaging inside incubators and culture hoods
  • Flip-up deck allows easy objective access
  • Modern LED and optical design eliminates maintenance
  • Automated XY stage allows autofocus and auto Z-stacks imaging

Add walk-away automation to the many features and high performance of the inverted fluorescence microscope Lumascope 620: meet the powerful Automatic Inverted 3-color Fluorescence Microscope, Lumascope 720.

Simplified, automated microscopy with fluorescence

With the Lumascope 720 you can enjoy simple microscopy due to its various features:

  • Its versatile and compact design enables live-cell imaging inside cell culture incubators and culture hoods
  • Detects blue, green and red fluorophores, including BFP, DAPI, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP & mCherry; Brightfield and optional phase contrast
  • The Lumascope 720 enables objective compatibility with standard lenses, hereby permitting use of your own objectives
  • You can image your cells in microplates, flasks, slides or custom labware
  • Save time on live-cell imaging microscopy and high content screening: the LS720 offers you fully automatic fluorescence microscopy


Get maximum resolution with minimum effort

Like the inverted fluorescence microscope Lumascope 620, the automatic Lumascope 720 utilizes LED light sources, CMOS sensors, advance optics and a Semrock Brightline® Pinkel filter set optimized for 405 nm, 488 nm, and 594 nm LED light sources.

You can capture images with the 3-color fluorescence options, in brightfield and optionally in phase contrast, all at a maximum reachable resolution.

Real-time live-cell imaging inside your incubator

The Lumascope 720 is designed to fit in incubators and culture hoods. The exquisite automated XY stage allows autofocus and z-stacks images, time-lapse series, and videos that can be recorded directly to your computer with the USB connection.

So place this fully automated inverted fluorescence microscope in your incubator and you have your real-time live-cell imaging system!

Applications for the automatic inverted fluoresence microscope

When using the Lumaquant Image Analysis software, you can choose from a wide variety of live-cell imaging applications to perform with the automatic inverted fluoresence microscope, Lumascope 720:

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Cat no. Description
ET ELS72000 Lumascope 720 Automatic Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
ET ELS720DBND Lumascope 720 Microscope bundle
ET ELW0LQUANT LumaQuant, Image analysis software