CELENA S Fluorescence Microscope

  • Multicolor fluorescence microscope
  • Digital imaging and data analysis in one system
  • Live cell monitoring with supported onstage incubation system
  • Onboard cell counter for automated cell counting and viability analysis
  • Including Z-stack function

Easy imaging with superb image quality

The CELENA™ S digital imaging system allows researchers to easily capture vivid, publication quality images. You can use the CELENA™ S for multiple applications, such as capturing and analyzing multicolor fluorescence images, live cell imaging, and automated cell counting.

Live cell imaging with onstage incubation system

Composed of an environmental chamber, temperature controller, and a gas mixer, the onstage incubation system supports various live cell imaging applications. You can precisely control the temperature (ambient up to 55°C), humidity (22 - 99%), CO₂ levels (0.1 - 20%) and O₂ levels (0 - 21%). Live cells can be monitored with the time lapse function or the growth monitor.

CELENA™ S Fluorescence Microscope with onstage incubation system

Easy fluorescence microscope: high-quality images at all times

Thanks to various integrated high-end features of the CELENA™ S fluorescence microscope, any scientist, regardless of their expertise level, can easily capture high-quality crisp images in seconds:

All-in-one system: the CELENA™ S combines a microscope, camera, light source, and a computer with software in one, taking you from imaging to data analysis in one sitting.

Multicolor fluorescence and brightfield imaging: long-lasting LEDs and hard-coated optical filters ensure robust fluorescence imaging. Adjustable LEDs allow precise control over the gain and intensity of transmitted light.

Onboard data analysis: analyze your images immediately upon capture. Save measurement data to a USB drive.

Live cell monitoring: monitor live cells with the time lapse function or the growth monitor. Attach the onstage incubator to control the temperature, humidity, and CO₂/O₂ levels.

Cell counting mode: check cell counts and viability with the onboard cell counter.

Z-stack imaging: capture multiple images along the Z-axis

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Cat no. Description
LB CS20001 CELENA S Digital Imaging System
LB CS20002 CELENA S Digital Imaging System Starter Kit
LB I10201 Universal Holder
LB I10202 Slide holder
LB I10203 35 mm Petri Dish Holder
LB I10204 60 mm Petri Dish Holder
LB I10205 100 mm Petri Dish Holder
LB I10206 T-25 Nunc Flask Holder
LB I10207 T-75 Nunc Flask Holder
LB I10208 T-25 BD/Greiner Flask Holder
LB I10209 T-75 BD/Greiner Flask Holder
LB I10210 Glass Hemocytometer Holder
LB I10501 Universal Heating System
LB I10502 Gas Incubation System for CO2
LB I10503 Gas Incubation System for CO2/O2
LB I10504 Air Pressure Generator
LB I10510 Heating Insert for Micro Slides
LB I10511 Heating Insert for a 35 mm Dish