CELENA X Automated Imaging System

  • High content imaging system with automated multicolor fluorescence imaging
  • Fully automated digital imaging and quantitative data analysis in one system
  • Time-lapse live cell imaging with onstage incubation system
  • Rapid plate and whole slide imaging
  • Z-stacking & focus merging

Easy, automated fluorescence microscope with quantitative image analysis

The CELENA-X high content imaging system is a powerful, fully automated fluorescence microscope. It can automatically capture crisp images for various applications, including live-cell imaging, and is optimized for fully automated plate - and slide imaging.

You can capture images in multicolor fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast: customize the CELENA-X to your needs!

Quantitative data analysis is done in a wink with the CELENA-X intuitive Cell Analyzer software to provide you with reproducible data for high-throughput imaging.

High content, automated fluorescence imaging with the CELENA-X High content, automated fluorescence imaging with the CELENA-X

High-quality multicolor fluorescence images in seconds

Any scientist, regardless of their expertise level, can easily capture high-quality multicolor fluorescence images in seconds, with the CELENA-X. 

  • Fully automated digital imaging
  • Rapid and reproducible focusing with minimized phototoxicity and -bleaching
  • Area scanning & image stitching
  • Z-stacking & focus merging
  • Time lapse live cell imaging

Live cell imaging with onstage incubation system

Composed of an environmental chamber, temperature controller and a gas mixer, the onstage incubation system supports various live cell imaging applications. You can precisely control the temperature (ambient up to 55°C), humidity (22 - 99%), CO₂ levels (0.1 - 20%) and O₂ levels (0 - 21%). Live cells can be monitored with the time lapse function or the growth monitor.

Publication quality images in four imaging modes Publication quality images in four imaging modes
Customizable high-content imaging analysis Customizable high-content imaging analysis

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Cat no. Description
LB CX30000 CELENA X High Content Screening System
LB CX31001 CELENA X Cell Analyzer software