Objective Lenses for CELENA™ S

You can choose the best fit of objective lenses for your image capture purposes, all with proven quality. You can choose standard imaging lenses (achromatic) or more sensitive lenses (fluorite or apochromatic).

Plan achromatic lenses

The plan achromatic objectives are long working distance objectives that are suitable for routine bright field, phase contrast, and fluorescence imaging with most cell culture vessels.

Plan fluorite objectives

Plan fluorite objectives provides higher level of correction. They are  designed to use with standard culture vessels and suitable
for sensitive fluorescence imaging and higher resolution bright field imaging.

Apochromatic objectives

Apochromatic objectives represent the most highly corrected objective lenses available. They are top level objective lenses that can be used for the most sensitive fluorescence imaging and highest resolution imaging applications.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Logos Biosystems website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LB I10001 Plan Achromatic 4x Objective Lens
LB I10002 Plan Achromatic 10x Objective Lens
LB I10003 Plan Achromatic 20x Objective Lens
LB I10004 Plan Achromatic 40x Objective Lens
LB I10005 Plan Fluorite 4x Objective Lens
LB I10006 Plan Fluorite 10x Objective Lens
LB I10007 Plan Fluorite 20x Objective Lens
LB I10008 Plan Fluorite 40x Objective Lens
LB I10009 Apochromatic 4x Objective Lens
LB I10010 Plan Apochromat Fluor 20x
LB I10011 Apochromatic 20x Objective Lens
LB I10012 Apochromatic 40x Objective Lens
LB I10013 Plan Apochromat Fluor 1.25X
LB I10014 Plan Apochromat Fluor 4X
LB I10015 Plan Apochromat Fluor Oil 40X