MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit

  • Detects all common mycoplasma contaminations
  • Results within 20 minutes
  • Easy: add two reagents to the culture supernatant and perform two luminescence readings
  • No DNA extraction needed
  • Sensitive and fast mycoplasma contamination detection

Mycoplasma contamination detection for reproducible and reliable results

Since mycoplasma affect various cellular parameters, such as inhibition of cell growth and - metabolism, induction of chromosomal aberrations, stimulation of changes in cell membrane antigenicity and many more, mycoplasma contaminations can seriously impact the reliability, reproducibility, and consistency of experimental results.

However, mycoplasma infections are very difficult to detect or prevent and the presence of mycoplasma can remain undiscovered for months: 

  • They cannot be seen under a light microscope and only be detected using SEM
  • In contrast to bacteria, they do not cause visible changes in turbidity or pH
  • Most antibiotics are ineffective against mycoplasma
  • They are not routinely removed by filtration

Test your cell culture for mycoplasma infection for reproducible results

The MycoAlert™ Assay Kit offers a fast and sensitive 20-minute method to test your cell cultures for mycoplasma contamination.

This bioluminescence assay measures the activity of enzymes found in all common mycoplasma and acholeplasma contaminants.

Over 44 mycoplasma species tested so far can be detected with the MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit.

Mycoplasma detection with MycoAlert Assays

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Cat no. Description
LO LT07-118 MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit - 10 tests
LO LT07-218 MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit - 25 tests
LO LT07-318 MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit - 100 tests
LO LT07-418 MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit - 50 tests
LO LT07-518 MycoAlert Control Set - 10 tests