Rat Cardiac Myocytes - rCMC (Clonetics™)

  • Neonatal Sprague-Dawley Rat Cardiac Myocytes
  • Ready for immediate culture upon thawing
  • ≥85% purity

Clonetics™ Rat Cardiac Myocytes from neonatal Sprague-Dawley rats (post-natal day 1 or 2) are prepared by dissection/dissociation of both the left and right ventricle by standardized method.

The rCMCs are double panning purified to minimize fibroblasts, and are ready for immediate culture upon thawing. Each vial of rat cardiac myocytes contains approx. 4 million cells at ≥85% purity.

Each lot is tested using mycoplasma PCR, bio-burden assay and immunohistochemistry, including positive immunostaining for actinin, positive Hoechst staining, and positive testing for functional syncytium.

Recommended medium: RCGM™ BulletKit™

Rat Cardiac Myocyte Cells

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LO R-CM-561 Rat Cardiomyocytes 4 mil cells cruyopers.