Rat Neural Cells (Clonetics™)

  • rat brain neural cells
  • rat astrocytes
  • rat neurons

We offer neural cells from various parts of adult and embryonic rat’s brain including hippocampus, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, dorsal root ganglion and others. Isolated cells are in general batch tested for growth characteristics and morphology (GFAP) and if applicable have been characterized for specific markers. Batches are quality controlled by negative testing for mycoplasma and bacteria.

Neural cells can be used in a variety of applications including neuroendocrine-related diseases and disorders, gene expression studies, neurotoxicity, drug screening and metabolic pathway studies.

Please contact us for more detailed information on specific cell types.

Rat brain cortex astrocytes
Rat hypothalamus neurons at day 14.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO R-ASM-530 Rat Brain Cx-Hi-Cp Mix cyro amp, 4 mil cells
LO R-CB-503 Rat Cerebellar Neurons (Granule Cells), cryopreserved, ?4 million cells
LO R-CP-502 Rat Brain Striatum Neurons cyro amp
LO R-CPAS-522 Rat Brain Caudate Putamen Astrocytes cyro amp, 4 mil cells
LO R-CX-500 Rat Brain Cortex Neurons cyro amp, 4 mil cells
LO R-CXAS-520 Rat Brain Cortex Astrocytes cyro amp, 4 mil cells
LO R-DRG-505 Rat Dorsel Root Ganglia cyro amp, 200,000 cells
LO R-HI-501 Rat Brain Hippocampus Neurons cyro amp, 1 mil cells
LO R-HIAS-521 Rat Brain Hippocampus Astrocytes cyro amp, 4 mil cells
LO R-HTH-507 Rat hypothalamus neurons