Rat Retinal Cells (Clonetics™)

  • Sprague Dawley Rat Retinal Cells
  • Ready for immediate culture upon thawing
  • ≥ 0.2M viable retinal cells / vial

Neonatal Clonetics™ Rat Retinal Cells [P3-4] are isolated from neonatal Sprague Dawley rats (post-natal day 3 or 4). Cells are prepared by standardized methods and are ready for immediate culture upon thawing.

Each lot of retinal cells is tested using mycoplasma PCR, bio-burden assay and immunohistochemistry, including immunostaining for neuron specific class III β-tubulin (Tuj-1), specific neuronal protein gene product (PGP 9.5), ganglion cell marker, Thy1.1, and GFAP. 

Recommended medium: PNGM Bulletkit

Rat retinal cells

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LO R-RET-508 Rat Retinal Cells