Wistar Hannover rat hepatocytes (TRL)

  • Wistar Hannover rat hepatocytes
  • High viability (>80%)
  • Characterized for Phase I/II drug-metabolizing enzyme activity

TRL (Triangle Research Laboratories) Wistar Hannover rat hepatocytes are isolated and characterized for viability, plateability (adherence to a collagen-coated surface), and general Phase I and Phase II drug metabolizing enzyme activities.

Suspension qualified cryopreserved rat hepatocytes have post-thaw viabilities over 80%.

Plateable cryopreserved Wistar Hannover rat hepatocytes have post-thaw viabilities over 80%. Each lot can also be plated in a collagen-coated plate or similar. These lots are guaranteed to maintain a healthy monolayer (>85% confluency) for a minimum of 3 days in culture.

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Cat no. Description
LO RWCP01 Cryo Rat (Wistar Hannover) Hepatocytes, Plateable
LO RWCS01 Cryo Rat (Wistar Hannover) Hepatocytes, Suspension