iPF Airway Cells

  • Cells of patients with diagnosed Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) is a fatal disease that usually affects adults between the ages of 50-70. The disease is characterized by progressive decline in lung function resulting from scarring of lung tissue.

Lonza's lung fibroblasts isolated from donors diagnosed with IPF are shipped at passage 2 and stain negative for von Willebrand factor VIII, cytokeratins 14, 18 and 19, and alpha smooth muscle actin. All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are not detected for all donors and/or cell lots. A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each cell lot purchased.

Recommended medium: FGM™-2 BulletKit™

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Cat no. Description
LO CC-7231 Diseased Human Lung Fibroblasts (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis)