Dental Pulp Stem Cells - hDPSC (Poietics™)

  • Stem cells derived from human dental pulp

Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells (hDPSC) are multipotent stem cells harvested from the soft living tissue inside adult teeth. Poietics™ Dental Pulp Stem Cell System contains Normal Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSC), usually from wisdom teeth or third molars, and optimized medium for their growth. Each system can quickly generate DPSC cultures for experimental studies.

Our hDPSC have been characterized for surface antigens and tested for CD105+ , CD166+ , CD29+ , CD90+ , CD73+ , CD133- , CD34- , CD45- by flow cytometry. DPSCs are performance assayed and test negative for HIV-1, mycoplasma, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Recommended mediaDPSC Dental Pulp Stem Cell media 

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LO PT-5025 Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells 1M