IBAfect Transfection Reagent

IBAfect is a pentacationic transfection reagent based on DNA/RNA/lipid-complex technology. The specifically designed molecular structure of the cationic lipid ensures easy entry of DNA/RNA into cells by condensing DNA/RNA to compact structures (DNA/RNA/lipid-complex) efficiently entering the cell by endocytosis. The DNA/RNA/lipid-complexes act like "proton sponges" which causes lysis of the endosome. Nucleic acids are released simultaneously from the complex by "Progressive Proton-assisted Lipid Layer Disintegration" (P.P.L.L.D.). IBAfect is provided as a ready-to-use solution. It shows no serum inhibition, which makes it a reagent of choice for transfecting sensitive cell lines. IBAfect is recommended to be combined with IBA's MA Lipofection Enhancer.

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IB 7-2005-100 IBAfect 1.0 ml