jetOPTIMUS DNA transfection reagent

  • Optimized DNA transfection efficiency on hard-to-transfect cells
  • Cost-effective: use as low as 0.25ul reagent volume and 0.25ug DNA
  • Excellent cell viability and morphology
  • Optimized transfection protocol

jetOPTIMUS is a powerful DNA transfection reagent that improves cellular uptake and endosomal escape of DNA in adherent cells, both in easy and in hard-to-transfect cells, resulting in higher transfection efficiency in vitro.

Transfection with jetOPTIMUS requires a minimum DNA quantity and reagent volume to keep an excellent cell viability and morphology, as well as low price per reaction.

jetOPTIMUS is a ready-to-use DNA transfection reagent provided with its own complexation buffer. The optimized protocol results in simplicity of use (all plate sizes), culture medium compatibility (antibiotics, serum) and cost-effectiveness (lowest amount of DNA and volume of reagent).

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Cat no. Description
PO 117-01 jetOPTIMUS Transfection Reagent, 0.1mL
PO 117-07 jetOPTIMUS Transfection Reagent, 0.75mL
PO 117-15 jetOPTIMUS Transfection Reagent, 1.5mL