MATra Magnetic Transfection Reagents

  • Easy protocol
  • Higher transfection efficiency at short incubation times
  • Low vector dose
  • Successful with many cell types (incl. primary)
Magnet-Assisted Transfection (MATra) is a new, easy-to-handle and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture. With this new technique nucleic acids are first associated with magnetic particles. After addition of transfection complexes to the cells, the culture plate is simply placed on top of a magnetic plate. The magnetic force rapidly draws the full nucleic acid dose towards the cells and delivers the nucleic acid leading to fast and efficient transfection.

MATra has been tested on many different cell lines and has been found to improve transfection efficiency even in cell lines that are hard to transfect by other means, like primary and neuroblastoma cells.

MATra reagents are available for adherent cells or suspension cells. To simply enhance standard lipofection the MA Lipofection Enhancer is also available.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland,
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Cat no. Description
IB 7-2001-020 MAT-A Reagent (for 200µg DNA)
IB 7-2001-100 MAT-A Reagent (for 1000µg DNA)
IB 7-2002-020 MAT-S Immobilizer (7 Million Cells)
IB 7-2002-100 MAT-S Immobilizer (35 Million Cells)
IB 7-2003-020 MA Lipofection Enhancer (for 200µg DNA)