In vivo-jetPEI Transfection Reagent

  • In vivo transfection reagent
  • Non-viral transfection reagent
  • For efficient and reproducible nucleic acid delivery
  • Application through injection, instillation or topical application

in vivo-jetPEI Transfection Reagent is a suitable delivery reagent for functional studies and RNA interference experiments in vivo. It is also used in therapeutics as a delivery vehicle for gene therapy, genetic vaccination, immune therapy and cancer treatment.

With recent advances in therapeutics exploiting the growing number of potential nucleic acid molecules used as drugs, in vivo-jetPEI has become the non-viral transfection reagent of choice for efficient and reproducible nucleic acid delivery in animal models and in the clinic.

The stability of complexes of In vivo jetPEI with DNA or siRNA allows the use of numerous routes of administration: injection, instillation or topical application.

Labelled in vivo-jetPEI™ transfection reagents are especially designed to investigate biodistribution.

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Cat no. Description
PO 201-10G in vivo-jetPEI reagent - 0.1ml
PO 201-50G in vivo-jetPEI reagent - 0.5ml
PO 202-10G in vivo-jetPEI-Gal reagent - 0.1ml
PO 203-10G in vivo-jetPEI-Man reagent - 0.1ml