4D-Nucleofector™ System

  • Reliable and reproducible transfection technology
  • Suited for a wide variety of transfection applications
  • High flexibility with use of different X, Y and LV units
  • Over 160 ptimized protocols and transfection kits available
  • For transfection of cell lines and primary cells

The 4D-Nucleofector™ System was developed to offer advanced performance, flexibility and convenience for cell transfection purposes. The system has a modular architecture that allows seamless expansion of the system: it comprises a base core unit and three different functional units to suit your application of interest.

The Nucleofector™ System allows for transfection of difficult-to-transfect cell lines, as well as a wide variety of primary cells. Cells can be transfected in suspension, or in adherent state with the Y-unit. The electrical parameters of the Nucleofector™ System are optimized to gain high transfection effciency (up to 90%) and retain high viability. Cell functionality has been shown to be conserved.

4D-Nucleofector™ Core Unit: the controller

Any of the units below (X, Y, LV) can be combined with the Nucleofector™ Core Unit. The Core Unit controls the functional units of the 4D-Nucleofector™ System and is equipped with:

  • 5.7’’ foldable touch screen to operate the system and controlling the functional units
  • Intuitive operation software for designing and saving individual experimental setups
  • USB port for software update and data transfer

The X-Unit: transfection of various cell types in various formats

The 4D-Nucleofector™ X-Unit is the most flexible unit and supports nucleofection of various cell numbers in different formats, as it is equipped with a strip position (16-well strip format) and 2 cuvette positions. This allows you to be flexible in the transfection of your cell type of interest, using a smaller volume or a higher volume.

  • Features positions for 20µl Nucleocuvette™ strips (for low cell numbers down to 2 x 10^4) and 100 μl single Nucleocuvette™ (for cell numbers up to 2 x 10^7)
  • Different Nucleofection Vessels allow for flexible throughput from 1 to 16 samples
  • Seamless transfer of conditions between different Nucleofection Vessels: same protocol can be used for use of the strips and the cuvettes.
  • Comprises HV connectivity for the 96-well Shuttle™ Device
The Nucleofector™ Core unit (top) with the Nucleofector™ X-Unit (bottom) The Nucleofector™ Core unit (top) with the Nucleofector™ X-Unit (bottom)

The Y-Unit: transfection of adherent cells in 24-well format

The 4D-Nucleofector™ Y-Unit allows for direct Nucleofection of cells in adherence. Cells which typically grow in adherence in cell culture, can be kept and transfected by Nucleofection in their physiological state. The unit works with disposable conductive polymer dipping electrode arrays that can be inserted into standard 24-well culture plates for the Nucleofection

  • Nucleofection™ of neurons in adherence in any developmental stage
  • Up to 70% transfection efficiency with high viabilities and maintenance of functionality
  • Suitable for confocal microscopy read-out
  • Compatible with Clonetics™ primary animal neurons
  • Optimized transfection protocols and kits available for many cell types
The Y-unit allows for transfection of adherent cells in 24-well plates The Y-unit allows for transfection of adherent cells in 24-well plates

The LV-Unit: for large-scale transfection

The 4D-Nucleofector™ LV-Unit is designed for large-scale transfections in a sterile, closed system: you can transfect your cells in 1 mL up to 20 mL at a time, with cell numbers up to 1x10^9 cells. Transfection protocols that you have established with the X-unit are transferable to the LV-Unit, without the need for re-optimization of your transfection protocol.

  • Sterile nucleofection of up to 10^9 cells
  • 700+ optimized protocols are available
  • Transferability has been tested positive for various cell types, including human T-cells, CHO-S, HEK293-S and K562 cells
  • Simple handling
  • Ideal for cell therapy applications, protein production, cell-based assays and more

Watch the video tutorial and see how the 4D-Nucleofector™ system works.

Nucleofector™ LV-Unit for large-scale transfections Nucleofector™ LV-Unit for large-scale transfections

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Cat no. Description
LO AAF-1002B 4D-Nucleofector Core Unit
LO AAF-1002L 4D-Nucleofector LV Unit
LO AAF-1002X 4D-Nucleofector X Unit
LO AAF-1002Y 4D-Nucleofector Y Unit
LO AAK-2001 4D-Nucleofector module rack
LO AAK-2002 4D-Nucleofector cuvette rack
LO AAK-3001 4D-Nucleofector LV Reservoir Rack
LO SAAF-1001 4D-Nucleofector LogWare
LO V4LR-1001 4D-Nucleofector LV Reservoir