96-well Shuttle™ System

  • Medium-throughput add-on for the 4D-Nucleofector™ System
  • Up to 96 independent programs can be run per plate, within <5 minutes
  • Modular 6 × 16 Nucleocuvette™ Plate for scalable throughput
  • Optimized transfection protocols & kits available for various cell types

The 96-well Shuttle™ System is a medium through-put add-on to the 4D-Nucleofector™ System Core Unit + X-unit and is suited for convenient optimization of Nucleofection™ Conditions or as an assay establishment tool.

The 96-well Shuttle™ System cannot act as a standalone: you need the 4D-Nucleofector™ System Core Unit + X-unit to connect to. The X-unit comprises HV connectivity for the 96-well Shuttle™ Device. 

The 96-well Shuttle™ System is ideal for  

  • Optimization of any difficult-to-transfect cell line in just 1 plate
  • Variable cell numbers from 10^4 – 10^6 cells per reaction
  • Scalable throughput transfection experiments
The 96-well Shuttle™ System for medium throughput transfection experiments

Optimization of transfection experiments

The 96-well Shuttle™ System uses modular 96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates, which occurs in 2x8 Nucleocuvette™ Strips which consist of an innovative conductive polymer material. Six of such strips are combined to form a complete 96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plate. Transfection volume per well is 20 μl suited for 2x10^4 - 1x106 cells per well. Optimized kits for cell lines as well as primary cells are available. This way, you can optimize your transfection experiments the way you want!

96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates that consist of 16-well strips

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Cat no. Description
LO AAM-1001S Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle (including Laptop and Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle software)