HT Nucleofector™ System (384-well)

  • High-Throughput Nucleofection™ Platform for transfection
  • Transfection in 384-well format
  • Processes a 384-well plate in one minute
  • Optimized transfection protocols available
  • Compatible with automated liquid handling environments

The HT Nucleofector™ System is an independent platform for highthroughput Nucleofection™ transfection in 384-well format. With an extremely fast plate processing time of one minute, it is perfectly suited for screening applications with maximum reproducibility.

The carousel of this unit offers two positions for 384-well Nucleocuvette™ plates, thus allowing loading and processing of two plates in parallel.

The unique and intuitive software allows easy parameterization of high throughput transfection experiments. The software manages up to 384 different programs per plate, thus each well can be adressed individually.

Optimized transfection protocols and kits for a wide variety of cell types are available.

The independent HT Nucleofector™ System (384-well) for high-throughput transfection

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Cat no. Description
LO AAU-1001 HT Nucleofector System