PULSin™ protein, antibody and peptide delivery reagent

Delivery of protein, antibody and peptide using PULSin™ represents a powerful approch for functional studies.For example, PULSin™ enables the study of lethal proteins by controling the level and time course of protein delivery into the cells. Similarily, delivery of blocking antibodies may provide additional information to traditionnal RNA interference experiments. With PULSin™, it is possible to target intracellular proteins with antibodies in living cells without fixation.
The non-toxic process delivers proteins, with up to 98% efficiency, to a wide variety of cell lines and primary cells. PULSin™ offers a new and less technically demanding alternative to microinjection.
Fluorescent control protein and buffer are included making PULSin™ extremely fast and easy-to-use. Simply add PULSin™ to the protein, incubate, and apply to cells.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
PO 501-01 PULSin; 0.1ml reagent + 0.2ml Control + 20ml Hepes
PO 501-04 PULSin; 0.4ml reagent + 0.2ml Control + 20ml Hepes