PulseStar Electroporation Cuvettes

  • Unique manufacturing process ensures higher electroporation efficiency
  • Tapered V bottom for lower dead volume
  • Optimized cap design for aseptic and aerosol-free handling
  • Compatible with common electroporation instruments

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Unique manufacturing process ensures consistent, uniform pulse

PulseStar Electroporation Cuvettes are manufactured using high-quality grade polycarbonate and ultrapure chemicals. The moulding process has been optimized to ensure that the electrodes have a consistent gap and parallel configuration.

Electrodes are cleaned both chemically and physically to fully optimise the electroporation cuvette for uniform pulse generation and improved gene transfer.

Optimized cap design and packaging for aseptic and aerosol-free handling

The cap has been designed to improve aseptic handling techniques, while the lip and positive seal reduces potential aerosol and contamination issues.

Every cuvette is guaranteed sterile (gamma irradiated) and individually packed in a tear wrapper that you can easily open.

Low cuvette dead volume

1mm and 2mm cuvettes have a tapered V bottom allowing you to use lower sample volumes and helping you to retrieve a maximum amount of sample from the cuvette after electroporation.

Compatible and color-coded

Each gap size has its own cap color, which prevents accidentally taking the wrong type of cuvette.

PulseStar cuvettes are compatible with commonly used electroporators.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
WB 1-4110 PulseStar Electroporation Cuvette 1mm Gap - 50 cuvettes
WB 1-4120 PulseStar Electroporation Cuvette 2mm Gap - 50 cuvettes
WB 1-4140 PulseStar Electroporation Cuvette 4mm Gap - 50 cuvettes
WB 1-4170 PulseStar Disposable sterile plastic pipettes - 50pipettes