INTERFERin siRNA Transfection Reagent

  • Great silencing at 1 nM siRNA or less
  • Over 90% gene silencing in a wide range of cell types
  • Excellent cell viability
  • Extremely simple protocol
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics
  • Reliable results and cost saving
INTERFERin™ siRNA transfection reagent achieves over 90 % silencing efficiency at 1 nM siRNA in a wide variety of adherent and primary cells with excellent cell viability.

Using low siRNA concentrations avoids unwanted off-target and non-specific effects observed when transfecting siRNA at higher concentrations, resulting in more robust data.

INTERFERin is ready-to-use, compatible with serum and antibiotics. The protocol is fast and easy to perform.

INTERFERin™ is formulated to facilitate automated applications and may be diluted in water for convenience. Reproducible results are ensured and batch to batch variations are minimized.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
PO 403-05 jetSI conc. 10mM; 0.5ml reagent
PO 409-01 INTERFERin; 0.1ml reagent
PO 409-10 INTERFERin; 1ml reagent
PO 409-50 INTERFERin; 5x 1ml reagent