jetMESSENGER® mRNA Transfection Reagent

  • Outperform DNA transfection by switching to mRNA
  • Unmatched mRNA transfection efficiency
  • High efficiency on a wide variety of hard-to-transfect cells
  • Extremely gentle on cells
  • No risk of genomic integration

Take your gene expression to the next level by switching to mRNA

Some cells, such as primary cells, neurons, suspension cells and various cancer cell lines, are especially challenging to transfect. jetMESSENGER® gives high transfection efficiency in all of these difficult cell types, by allowing highly efficient mRNA transfection.

mRNA transfection is as easy as DNA transfection, with the added benefit that mRNA does not need to reach the cell nucleus for expression and does not require cell division for efficient gene expression. Hence, cells that are slow dividing or that have developed specific mechanisms to protect their genome can finally be used for gene expression.

Unleash the full potential of your cells by switching to mRNA transfection!

Outperform DNA transfection by switching to mRNA transfection

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Cat no. Description
PO 150-01 jetMESSENGER mRNA Transfection Reagent - 0.1 ml
PO 150-07 jetMESSENGER mRNA Transfection Reagent - 0.75 ml
PO 150-15 jetMESSENGER mRNA Transfection Reagent - 1.5 ml