In-Fusion SMARTer cDNA Library Construction Kits

  • Start with as little as 10 ng of total RNA
  • Enrich for full-length cDNA
  • Insert the cDNA into any point in any vector
  • No digestion, blunt end polishing, adaptor ligation or phenol extraction
  • Easy transfer of an insert to an expression vector
Clontech’s new In-Fusion® SMARTer™ Directional cDNA Library Construction Kit provides a simple and efficient method for producing high-quality, full-length cDNA libraries from as little as 10 nanograms of total RNA.

The kit utilizes two of Clontech’s most innovative technologies: SMARTer cDNA Synthesis and In-Fusion Advantage PCR Cloning. SMARTer cDNA Synthesis technology makes it possible to generate full-length cDNA from nanograms of poly A+ or total RNA, and ligation-free In-Fusion Cloning makes it easy to clone your SMARTer cDNA library into ANY location within ANY vector, including the pSMART2IFD linearized vector included in the kit.

Isolated clones from finished libraries can be transferred directly to any linearized expression vector for functional analysis — without the need for compatible restriction sites.

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Cat no. Description
CL 634933 In-Fusion SMARTer Directional cDNA Library Construction Kit