SMART cDNA Library Construction Kit

  • Generate high-quality cDNA libraries from small amounts of total or poly A+ RNA
  • Use as little as 50 ng of total RNA
  • Unique SMART cDNA Synthesis yields libraries with full length cDNA
  • No adaptor ligation required for cDNA synthesis and cloning
With Clontech's SMART cDNA technology you can obtain high yields of full-length, double-stranded cDNA from small amounts of RNA. The method is based on the template-switching property of reverse transcriptase, which can add adaptor sequences to the 5' end of the first strand cDNA. This allows representative end-to-end amplification of truly full-size cDNA suitable for a range of downstream applications.

The highly selective nature of the SMART method makes it possible to start with total RNA. And due to the amplification you can use any amount of RNA between 2 ng and 1µg.

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CL 634901 SMART cDNA Library Construction Kit