SMARTer PCR cDNA Synthesis Kits

  • cDNA synthesis from as little as 1-2 ng total RNA
  • Enrichment for full-length cDNA
  • Optimized for retaining true gene representation
  • Simple single-tube protocol
  • No DNase treatment or adaptor-ligation
SMARTer cDNA synthesis is the ideal method for synthesizing high-quality, full-length cDNA. With SMARTer cDNA synthesis, you can generate cDNA from as little as 1–2 nanograms of total RNA, preserving your precious samples without sacrificing quality. The SMARTer cDNA synthesis protocol preferentially enriches for full-length cDNAs and maintains an accurate representation of genes in your original sample.

Due to the unique design of the SMARTer oligonucleotide, researchers are able to amplify rare transcripts from many different organisms. Every year, there are hundreds of publications citing the use of SMART technology for identification of rare transcripts from many different RNA sources.

The SMARTer PCR cDNA Synthesis Kit allows first-strand cDNA synthesis from only 2 ng of total RNA, much less starting material than is required for the original SMART PCR cDNA Synthesis Kit (Cat. No. 634902). For extremely dilute RNA the new SMARTer Pico PCR cDNA Synthesis Kit has been designed to synthesize high-quality cDNA from as little as 1 ng of total RNA at concentrations that can be as low as 20 pg/μl.

Why bother with cDNA synthesis kits that overamplify abundant transcripts and overlook rare ones, when there are new discoveries to be made! The SMARTer protocol is much less labor intensive than traditional cDNA amplification protocols, and delivers better results.

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Cat no. Description
CL 634925 SMARTer PCR cDNA Synthesis kit - 10 rxns
CL 634926 SMARTer PCR cDNA Synthesis kit - 20 rxns
CL 634928 SMARTer Pico PCR cDNA Synthesis Kit - 10 rxns