Stellar Competent Cells

  • High transformation efficiency
  • Good reproducibility
  • Blue/white screening
Stellar chemically competent & electrocompetent cells can be used in a wide variety of applications, from preparation of cDNA and genomic libraries, to construction of longer-length genomic libraries, to subcloning, and even methylated DNA cloning. For transformation of plasmids with pUC lineage, the addition of X-gal simplifies selection of recombinant plasmid using β-galactosidase α-complementation.

Stellar Chemically Competent Cells are ideal for use with our In-Fusion™ Advantage PCR Cloning Kits.

Stellar Electrocompetent Cells provide the highest transformation efficiency (>4 x 109 ) and are recommended for library construction.

Stellar (dam-/dcm-) Chemically Competent Cells allow growth of plasmids free of dam and dcm methylation. Plasmids prepared using this product can be cut by restriction enzymes which are normally blocked by dam or dcm methylation.

All competent cells are supplied with SOC medium and a test plasmid that can be used as a positive control for transformation.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
CL 636763 Stellar Competent Cells 10 x 100 ul
CL 636764 Stellar Competent Cells (dam-/dcm-) 10 x 100 ul
CL 636765 Stellar Electrocompetent Cells 10 x 50 ul
CL 636766 Stellar Competent Cells 50 x 100 ul
CL 636767 Stellar Competent Cells (96 well plate)