Takara Competent E. coli Cells

Takara’s Competent E.coli Cells are prepared with calcium ion treatment to create extremely high transformation efficiency.

For general-purpose cloning the strains JM109, HB101 and DH5alpha can be used. For cloning methylated DNA or cloning of large DNA fragments the strain HST08 will be the best choice. Strain HST16CR is a low-copy-number for HST08 and useful for working with toxic genes. If you need to select amber mutants use strain MV1184 and for site-directed mutagenesis BHH71-81 mutS can be used. Strain HST02 is designed to be used as a host for M13 phage or for library preparations or subcloning. If you need to prepare single-stranded uracil-containing DNA for selecting site-directed mutations by Kunkel’s method use strain CJ236. For recombinant protein expression strain BL21 will be the best choice since it often brings a high stability in expressed protein.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TB 9051 E. coli HB101 Competent Cells, 1mg
TB 9052 E. coli JM109 Competent Cells, 1ml
TB 9053 E. coli CJ236 Competent Cells, 100µl x10
TB 9054 E. coli BMH71-18 mutS Competent Cells, 100µl x10
TB 9055 E. coli MV1184 Competent Cells, 1ml
TB 9056 E. coli TH2 Competent Cells, 1ml
TB 9057 E. coli DH5a Competent Cells, 1set
TB 9126 TaKaRa Competent Cell BL21, 100µl x10
TB 9127 E. coli HST02 Competent Cells, 1set