Phi29 DNA Polymerase

  • High-performance Phi29 DNA Polymerase
  • High purity: no detectable ds-endonuclease or E. coli DNA contamination
  • Economical choice for high-volume users

Phi29 DNA Polymerase Unit Definition and Assay

1 unit of Phi29 polymerase is defined as the amount required to convert 0.5 pmol of dNTP into acid insoluble material in 10 minutes at 30°C. Activity was assayed using 2-fold serial dilutions of enzyme in reaction buffer. These were added to 50 μL reactions containing λ Hind III DNA, 1X Phi29 DNA Polymerase Reaction Buffer, 3H-dTTP, 0.2 μM dTTP and 200 μM dATP, dCTP, dGTP. Reactions were incubated for exactly 10 minutes at 30°C, put on ice and analyzed using the method of Sambrook and Russell (Molecular Cloning, v3, 2001, pp. A8.25-A8.26).


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Cat no. Description
EZ P7020-HC-L phi29 DNA Polymerase 2000 units (100,000 U/ml)