Micrococcal Nuclease

  • Preferential digestion of ssDNA or ssRNA
  • Also active on double-stranded nucleic acids
  • Completely inactivated by EDTA or EGTA
Micrococcal Nuclease is an endonuclease that preferentially digests single-stranded DNA or RNA at AT or AU-rich regions. Double-stranded DNA or RNA will also be digested. Micrococcal Nuclease yields 3’-phosphate mononucleotides and oligonucleotides due to digestion of 5’-phosphodiester bonds of DNA and RNA.

Key applications:
- Digestion of nucleic acids in crude cell extracts or protein preps
- RNA Sequencing
- Preparation of rabbit reticulocytes lysates

The enzyme requires calcium as a cofactor for its activity and is completely inactivated by EDTA or EGTA.

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TB 2910A Micrococcal Nuclease, 15000u