T4 Gene 32 Protein

T4 Gene 32 Protein: a single-stranded DNA binding protein

T4 Gene 32 Protein is a single-stranded DNA binding protein which is required for T4 DNA replication, recombination and repair. The protein enhances the performance of several DNA synthesis-related activities, including DNA sequencing in secondary-structure rich regions and PCR amplification. T4 Gene 32 also greatly stimulates the rate of synthesis of T4 DNA Polymerase on primed-single-stranded substrates (5-10 fold increase in synthesis rate).

The T4 gene 32 Protein is purified from an E. coli strain overexpressing Gene 32 from bacteriophage T4.


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EZ Y9130L T4 Gene 32 Protein 1.0 mg (10 mg/ml)