PCR-Select Bacterial Genome Subtraction Kit

  • Identify genomic DNA differences between strains of bacteria
  • Requires only 2 µg of bacterial genomic DNA
  • Procedure takes only 2-3 days
The Clontech PCR-Select™ Bacterial Genome Subtraction Kit offers an effective method for comparing bacterial genomes. In a matter of days, you can obtain a subtracted library of genomic sequences that are present in one bacterial strain but absent in another. This kit allows you to identify pathogenicity islands or other genomic DNA differences between two strains.

With the Clontech PCR-Select method, subtraction occurs in one round of subtractive hybridization and by selective amplification, not by physical separation of single-stranded DNA. The Clontech PCR-Select Bacterial Genome Subtraction Kit requires as little as 2 µg of each bacterial genomic DNA sample, with the procedure requiring only 2–3 days. It can be readily adapted to high-throughput sampling.

The Clontech PCR-Select Bacterial Genome Subtraction Kit includes reagents for six complete subtraction experiments and one control. You must provide a PCR enzyme mix suitable for long-distance PCR. We recommend Advantage® 2 Polymerase Mix (Cat. No. 639201).

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CL 637404 Clontech PCR-Select Bacterial Genome Subtraction Kit