Diversify PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit

  • Controlled, random mutagenesis for investigating protein function
  • Precise control of mutation rate
  • No mutational hot spots
  • Obtain all possible base substitutions
The Diversify PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit employs a nontoxic method for mutagenizing sequences of up to 4 kb. The kit broadly distributes all possible mutations without creating hot spots.

By allowing you to manipulate mutagenesis conditions, Diversify PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit provides optimal mutagenesis of sequences over an exceptionally broad size range. Select mutation rates from 2 to 8 mutations per kb simply by varying the amounts of two reagents.

The extended amplification range makes the Diversify Kit ideal for random mutagenesis of operons, plasmids, and sequences corresponding to large proteins, in addition to short DNA fragments.

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Cat no. Description
CL 630703 Diversify PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit 30 rxns