TA Cloning Vectors pMD20 and pMD19 (Simple)

  • Efficient T/A cloning vectors
  • Economical: only vector DNA, use your own ligase and competent cells
The new pMD20 and pMD19 (Simple) T-vectors are linearized PCR cloning vectors (EcoRV cleaved) that have single 3’-dT overhangs at both ends. These T-overhangs allow ligation and cloning of PCR products with dA-overhangs, which are generally produced by Taq polymerase and other non-proofreading polymerases.

pMD19 (Simple) is derived from pUC19, but all restriction sites of the multiple-cloning site deleted. Therefore, after cloning, restriction enzyme digestion analysis of the PCR insert is possible, without interfering cleavage in the vector sequence.

pMD20 retains the multiple cloning site of pUC19 and contains the SP6 promoter upstream. After cloning the inserted DNA fragments can be in vitro transcribed by SP6 RNA Polymerase.

The vectors carry the lacZ gene for blue/white screening for the presence of an insert.

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Cat no. Description
TB 3270 T-Vector pMD20, 1µg
TB 3271 T-Vector pMD19 (Simple), 1µg