innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Kits

  • Complete bisulfite conversion in 45 minutes
  • Easy single-tube denaturation and conversion
  • Fast DNA cleanup and desulfonation
  • High yield of pure, high-quality DNA
  • Can be automated

Fast, easy and complete conversion with bisulfite

With the innuCONVERT bisulfite conversion kits you can completely convert non-methylated cytosines to uracil in just a few hours. To simplify the protocol DNA sample denaturation and bisulfite treatment can be done in the same tube.

After a conversion reaction time of only 45 minutes, the converted DNA is isolated and desulfonated on a column, which takes another 45 minutes. The eluted DNA is highly pure, shows little or no degradation and is ready for use in downstream methylation analysis applications such as PCR or sequencing. You don't need specialized equipment: the method is compatible with standard thermocylers or heating blocks.

Choose the optimal conversion kit for your sample type

Sample type InnuCONVERT kit
Isolated DNA (500 pg-10 µg) Basic kit
Cells (5 x 105) All-in-One kit
Fresh tissue (1 mg) All-in-One kit
FFPE sections (1-3) or FFPE punch biopsies (10 mg) All-in-One kit
Bronchial aspirates, swabs, sputum, urine sediment All-in-One kit
Plasma, serum (3 ml) Body Fluids kit
Urine, ascites, culture sups (3 ml) Body Fluids kit



Automate it!

In addition to manual kits we offer the innuCONVERT Bisulfite Purification Kit - IPC16, which allows you to do automated bisulfite conversion and cleanup of 16 DNA samples in parallel on an InnuPure C16 system. The whole process takes less than 90 minutes with very little hands-on time.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 845-IC-1000008 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Kit - 8 reactions
AJ 845-IC-1000040 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Kit - 40 reactions
AJ 845-IC-1000080 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Kit - 80 reactions
AJ 845-IC-2000008 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion All-In-One Kit - 8 reactions
AJ 845-IC-2000040 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion All-In-One Kit - 40 reactions
AJ 845-IC-2000080 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion All-In-One Kit - 80 reactions
AJ 845-IC-3000008 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Body Fluids Kit - 8 reactions
AJ 845-IC-3000040 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Body Fluids Kit - 40 reactions
AJ 845-IC-3000080 innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Body Fluids Kit - 80 reactions