IRDye Size Standards for LI-COR DNA Analyzers

The 50-1500 bp size standard is composed of 15 IRDye® DNA fragments, provided in a lyophilized form. The DNA fragment sizes were selected to allow for rapid identification of bands and accurate sizing over the entire range. This sizing standard is available for the 700 nm (LI 829-05350), 800 nm range (LI 829-05351) and is also available as a two-color DNA sizing standard (LI 829-05352).

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LI 829-05350 50-1500bp DNA Size Standard,700Nm (100-125 lanes)
LI 829-05351 50-1500bp DNA Size Standard,800Nm (100-125 lanes)
LI 829-05352 50-1500bp Two Color DNA Size Standard (100-125 lanes)