human BRAF mutation detection primers (V600E, V600K)

  • qPCR Primers for Detection of Human BRAF
  • High sensitivity for mismatch discrimination
  • High confidence: exclusive, definite yes/no answer
  • Simple – no need to use a delta Ct method
  • Performs well with FFPE or fresh frozen samples

The BRAF gene is also known as the proto-oncogene B-Raf and encodes for the protein B-Raf. This protein is involved in the direction of cell growth. A mutation in the BRAF gene is associated with human cancers; most of them are melanomas.

Two-step mutation detection

With the human BRAF mutation detection primers you can detect human BRAF mutations in FFPE or freshly frozen samples. The mutation detection consists of two steps:

Locus-specific qPCR:

A non-allele-specific qPCR is performed to assess total (mutant + wild-type) amplifiable BRAF for each sample. This determines the quantity of DNA to be used in step 2 for each sample.

Allele-specific qPCR

A mutant allele-specific BRAF qPCR is then performed to assess presence of V600E or V600K.

The contents of this kit are sufficient for a total of 60 reactions consisting of 30 locus-specific and 30 allele-specific reactions.

Ultra low copy set for even better detection

An ultra low copy primer set is alaos available for ultra-low copy detection of V600E/K from genomic DNA. This set can detect a single mutant BRAF copy in > 104 wild-type BRAF copies. Regardless of the sensitivity level of mutant BRAF detection needed, myT Primer reagents offer increased specificity, which provides higher confidence in test performance.


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