innuDetect Food Pathogen Assays

Detect pathogenic microorganisms both qualitatively and quantitatively in food with the highly sensitive innuDETECT assays.

When coupled with real-time PCR, the most common pathogens in the field of food control are specifically detectable even in small quantities.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
AJ 845-ID-0001010 innuDETECT Listeria spp. Assay - 10 reactions
AJ 845-ID-0001100 innuDETECT Listeria spp. Assay - 100 reactions
AJ 845-ID-0002010 innuDETECT Salmonella spp. Assay - 10 reactions
AJ 845-ID-0002100 innuDETECT Salmonella spp. Assay - 100 reactions
AJ 845-ID-0003010 innuDETECT E.coli O104 Assay - 10 reactions
AJ 845-ID-0003100 innuDETECT E.coli O104 Assay - 100 reactions