S2 Sequencing System and Accessories

  • Proven manual sequencing system
  • Drain system for convenient and safe buffer disposal
  • Integral aluminum plate minimizes band smiling
  • Built-in gel plate clamps

Classic S2 manual sequencing system

The S2 sequencing system provides and internal drain system for save buffer disposal. After the run a valve is opened to release the upper buffer volume to the lower buffer chamber. The lower buffer tray can then be removed for safe buffer disposable. This feature is especially valuable when radioactive samples have been separated.

The S2 sequencing apparatus features an integrated Aluminum plate to which the glass plate sandwich is directly attached. Due to the high thermal conductivity of Aluminum even temperature distribution across the gel is achieved. In conventional systems, a higher center temperature in the gel led to faster migration of bands in this area (reason for the so called smiling effect).

S2 Accessories

We offer a range of combs, spacers, glass plates and other accessories for Biometra sequencing apparatus model S2.

Shark tooth combs are ideally suited for facilitating the analysis of sequencing reactions. Shark tooth combs are designed for use with all sequencing apparatus models (S2, S2001and SA). In addition, the combs can be used with all other systems with 0.4 mm spacers.

  • The teeth form barriers between adjacent lanes for sample loading
  • Reduced risk of torn or deformed wells cause by square-toothed combs
  • The minimal space between lanes facilitates accurate reading of sequences
  • Generate flatter, more uniform loading surface than square-toothed combs

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-11034014 Glass Plates model S2-S2001
AJ 846-11098019 Spring Clips (12pcs)
AJ 846-21035043 Comb, S2, 16 Well, 0.4 mm
AJ 846-21035076 Comb, S2, 20 Well, 0.4 mm
AJ 846-21035100 Comb, S2, 32 Well, 0.4 mm
AJ 846-21035118 Comb, S2, 32 Well, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-21035134 Comb, S2, 62 PT, 0.35 mm, Mylar
AJ 846-21045018 Comb, S2,25 PT, 0.4 mm,Vinyl (6)
AJ 846-21045026 Comb, S2, 49 PT, 0.4 mm, Vinyl
AJ 846-21046016 Comb, S2, 50 PT, 0.4 mm, Vinyl
AJ 846-21105036 S2, Sequencing Gel Apparatus
AJ 846-21105358 Gasket S2/2001, Silicone, Grey
AJ 846-21105366 Spacer Set, Mylar, 035 mm S2001/S2
AJ 846-21105382 Spacer silicone blocks - 12 Pieces
AJ 846-21108014 Spacer Set, 0.4mm, S2/S2001
AJ 846-31109010 Spacer Set, S2, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-31109028 Spacer Set, S2, 1.6 mm