AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Systems

  • CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing in hard-to-transfect mammalian cells
  • Simultaneously deliver Cas9 and sgRNA to cells
  • Non-integrating virus: avoids Cas9 off-target effects
  • Prelinearized vectors facilitate single-step sgRNA cloning
  • Contains all reagents from sgRNA cloning to AAV particle preparation
  • No need for a helper virus to produce the AAV2 particles

With the AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 System you can prepare adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles needed for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing, without the need of a helper virus. It can be used for a wide variety of mammalian cells.

Deliver Cas9 and sgRNA to your cells without a helper virus

The AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Vector Systems consists of two vectors: the pAAV Guide-it-up and pAAV Guide-it-down vectors. Due to this two-vector system, size restrictions of the AAV genome to deliver the large Cas9 gene to target cells can be overcome. The AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System also includes the human microRNA miR-342 packaging plasmid. Expression of this plasmid significantly increases AAV titers. Below you will find a schematic representation of the AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Vector Systems workflow.

Simple 5-step workflow to deliver Cas9/sgRNA to your cells

  1. Clone your sgRNA into the pAAV-Guide-it-Down vector.
  2. Transfect both vectors seperately in HEK293 cells. You can increase AAV titers by including the pRC2-mi342 Vector with its pHelper Vector during transfections.
  3. Isolate the AAV2 particles from both transfections seperately. You can use the AAVpro Extraction Solution to get optimal particle yields.
  4. Perform a co-tranduction on your target cells with both viruses: tranduce your cells with both viruses in 1 dish. During the transduction, recombination occurs at the region of homology to create a full-length Cas9 gene with an upstream CMV promoter.
  5. Finally, you can determine AAV titers (you can use the AAVpro AAV Titration kit for this) and the expression of Cas9/sgRNA in your target cells.

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CL 632608 AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System (AAV2)
CL 632609 AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Vector System